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this is very cool you said this was a hack of super Mario Bros. for the nes?

Thanks. It is 100% original code though, not a hack of any existing game.


following this example :

do you have plans to add more characters ? 

In that case it is a well done game ,condensed into a nes game .  Congratulations !

Yes, we have more characters planned. At least two from the console homebrew community are next :)

But we'll be nowhere near Crusade's gigantic roster. I hope to be able to put 8 characters in the cart before facing storage space issues.

And thanks for the kind words ♥️

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Sinbad Side Tilt got a buff yay

Now it no longer whiffs its early hitbox when approaching grounded opponents at the cost of no more high reaching hitbox and longer startup.

It also doesn't chain into itself and applies better shield pressure.

Overall, very good change


(maybe) new tech just dropped, at least for me.

Using D-tilt or D-special during a shield ignores the shield release animation, meaning combo starters like Pepper's D-tilt can be used almost immediately without problem. As a Pepper main, I am very happy about this.

(1 edit)

Yes, it's by design down tilts and special are out of shield moves. Also Pepper is the only char who can start a combo on an opponent on her back while she's in shield (down-spe into foward-tilt.)

Also, a jump can cancel the end of the shield vanishing animation, but unlike down attacks, it does not skip the entire animation.

(2 edits)

VGSage gets an out-of-shield kill option with D-tilt that KOs at about 20% from the ledge so thats kinda strong

But Pepper can use Down Special at the ledge out of shield and then Side Tilt for a (probably) true combo that kills at almost any%

After over a year of procrastination, Project Igbik is semi-complete, as my computer isnt able to run the game on download so i have no way of testing it or knowing whether it works, but theoretically it is complete is the link to the .JSON because i have no idea how modding works tbh

I love your animations! The character is really nice! 🤩️

After a year, it still hard to build the game. No worries, I got you covered :)

The character exceeded the 16 KB size limit, so I had to butcher your animations to remove frames for shrinking it into a ROM. Anyway it still look great!

The ROM with Igbik is here, it whould work on any NES emulator (even web-based or on phone):

Certainly not what you had in mind movement wise, but these thing require tuning and being able to build the game to test changes. I have plans to make it easier, but priorities shifted, so it will not happen in near future. It is impressive you got that far without being able to test your mod!

Last but not least, your mod with changes required for it to build the ROM above:


Thank you :)

This character is really cool, except whenever I use side b the character flys erractically off the stage and destroys himself. Laughs. Not sure what the glitch is but just wanted to let someone know :) 

Deleted post

Thanks 🥰

just did a match a vsage that lasted 9 seconds

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For the best moves in the game the best down tilt is the Vsage because he is easly able to kill at ledge.The best up b side b and jab its keke.the best forward air is pepper and she also takes Nb and also  the worsed down air and makes up for it because of Nair. finally sanbad has easily the best recovery to the side because of his side b but lacks hight in his up b

also if i made a tier list it would be Vsage S kekeS pepper a and sanbad b.

if you are coming from smash bros then pepper is like sheik.keke is steve(kinda).Vsage is just broken,and sanbad i think is just a swordy idk i dont really like him.

Kiki is steve with a spear and no elytra, anvils, or minecarts


I've noticed 2 characters that vg sage derives his moveset from, being palutena for his d-tilt, nair, and staff, and Bowser for his up and down specials. He also gets his neutal special from falcon and ganon, and his side special from the star fox gang

Pepper has an arguably stronger down tilt due to its sheer combo potential, though it does require a lot more skill and precision to utilize fully. The main uses of it are to a) combo into side air, which spikes and leads into another down tilt, and so on, and b) to combo very easily into neutral air, which, as you mentioned is very good, especially when killling at the ledge.

I hope they nerf kiki shes op literally  steve

Deleted 33 days ago

bad because i need friends to play

Come to the Discord to make cool friends who play the coolest game in the universe.

Or you can also try the Arcade mode ;)

I not allowed discord


Best game, Pepper main here! (Just playing in school), (BORA BRASILLLLLL)

Haha! Thanks ♥️

(Pepper mains are the bests!)

Same bro

Hi, I hope you’re doing well!
I work on a product to make therapy for children and youth more engaging by integrating games and other fun activities.
Would you have some time to chat about a partnership/integration?

Hit me up on Twitter or Discord DM

Twitter: @RogerBidon



excellent game! impressive to see the mechanics of platform fighters translated to nes so well

Thank you 🥰



It's a great game, for me the best available for the NES. I play almost every day with my brother. But unfortunately I can't play online using an emulator on my laptop (Windows 32bit). Could someone please help me?

Hello! Happy to hear that you like the game!

Can you try this version of the emulator?

You will need to download the normal windows version ( to get the ".nes" file from its "rom" folder. Then open the .nes with the emulator above. It should work, and you should be able to go online.

If it works, I'll find a way to include it in next release so you don't have to care about 32/64 bits emulators.

Thank you very much, Sgadrat! Now I can play Super Tilt Bro online, it's good that in the future maybe it will be possible to play Super Tilt Bro without an emulator. I'm glad to know that you answered me quickly.

Begining with today's release (2.0-beta7) You should be able to play with the Windows version available on

Please tell me if there is any problem.


Me encanta este juego es como renacer en la nes apoyo el proyecto espero mi cartucho más adelante


Great game!!

 I just wish there were more characters. 


I love this old style. What I liked the most was that I can play it without downloading it, but download it, because it's worth it.


im back to play this game a year and a half later...



Pepper's new win/loss animations are great!

Haha, and did you see that "special thanks" section in the credits? Freakin awesome ;)

Thank you ♥️

Why does Sinbad look so much more polished in the trailer, and will that design be added to the base game?

yes, he is like that on the development version. So next update he will look like that ;)

(1 edit)

I made a small animation mod for Pepper that changes her victory, defeat, and shield animations. It will be in my profile later today. (I have no prior experience placing files on my profile so I have no idea wheter this will work, but live and learn, I guess.)


Looking forward to see that 👀

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'Tis here! This is the link. Pepper's Animation Mod

Here is your ROM:

I just had to change the last frame's duration of the defeat animation. Max value is 255.

I love it. May I reuse some parts in the official game? Notably Pepper's victory/defeat animations 😊️


Certainly! It would be really fun to see them in the base game. Thanks for fixing the problem with the defeat animation, too. Much appreciated.

Done, and you got your name in the credits ;)

(2 edits)

The AI can be cheesed by Sinbad by standing slightly to the side of the spawn platform and timing Neutral Special correctly, then landing Side Tilt and using Aerial Neutral Special to confirm the KO if Side Tilt didn't finish the job. (This works for any difficulty)

I believe this can be mitigated by having the AI leave the platform almost immediately, among the most basic solutions.


(wait do I need an NES to run the game cartridge?)


Yes you need a nes to run the physical game. We put a cheaper reward with only digital OST and a comic with a small story featuring the game characters if you really want to help but don't need the cart ♥️

(The game here will stay free and kept up to date. We really sell the carts.)

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Do mods work with the cartridge? I dont plan on getting one (just the Digital Tilt Bro Pack if I can, but I probably won't get it before the goal is reached) but want to see if someone else might.

once again, the answer is "technically yes, but that is hard to setup"

I think I'll add a ticket "make the mods downloadable ingame" to my TODO-list. That would be super cool and make mids work anywhere easily 🔥

._. ... I can't run game files on my computer (chromebook). Therefore, I can't playtest my OWN MOD. hm. hmm. hhhhmmmmm. ANYwho, Igbik is getting a good amount of progress, and will (hopefully be out somewhere in May.

if you can hop on discord and send me the .json file, I can build a private version for you.

(I really should add a button to do that automatically on the web editor.)

(1 edit)

No worries, I'm working on a workaround. (I can't use Discord either) I plan on using a different computer to download it.

Anyway, you will need to recompile the game. Wich is not trivial to setup.

Any other way to contact me in private? By email maybe:

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I tried to plug 2 controllers to my laptop to play with my friend but it only let the 1st player play with a controller and forced the 2nd player to use the key bored is there a way to fix that 

edit- Never mind i figured it out 

Haha, glad you got it solved. I would have been of little help I fear 😅


I want this game to get popular because, well, ot's a great game, but at the same time I dont because then I'll lose my title as one of the best Super Tilt Bro. players in the world


Every character's best move


Sinbad's Aerial Neutral Special is by far the strongest move in his toolkit, performingessentially anything you need. Damage? Check. It deals 8% per hit and is a multi hit. Quick move to pull out? Check. Safe landing option? Check. Combo move? Approaching tool? Check and check. This move has it all.


Kiki's Forward Tilt is easily the best move for her simply due to its sheer damge and range. It outranges almost every other attack and deals a solid 8%, making this a staple in her moveset


Neutral Special is Pepper's essential tool, starting combos, allowing her to recover and to escape combos. It works as a useful spawn trap to help you get in close, and lets you start many combos leading into her more powerful moves, like Forward Air.


VGSage's moveset is pretty evenly spread out in terms of power (aside from Side Special), but his Dash Attack is probably the best of the bunch, starting a lot of combos, and if done correctly, can give VGSage a lot of aerial momentum leading to quick KOs off the side. I would also give this spot to the inital part of his run for doing the same thing, but running isn't really a move.

I have no idea why I make these but they're strangely fun to do anyways heres a Drip Pigeon 

(12 edits)


  • Great stage control
  • Fast, long lasting attacks
  • Good combos
  • High knockback
  • Good mobility/recovery
  • Up Special beats most edgeguards
  • Amazing edgeguard
  • Kills incredibly early
  • Side special hits straight down-works as a spike or a combo move
  • Speedy aerials reverse combos
  • Aerial Neutral Special has a massive hitbox, deals massive damage, is cancelable, and is one of the safest landing options in the game
  • Up Air lasts a long time, can juggle and has a falling hitbox
  • Easily punishable
  • Small range


  • Good stage control
  • Spear-like range keeps opponents out
  • Good combos
  • Great jab
  • Great for gimping recoveries offstage
  • Useful counter with high knockback
  • Able to use her walls as a shield to poke through
  • Great tilts (Forward Tilt deals 8% and has great range, KOs off the side incredibly early)
  • Strong aerials
  • Down Tilt/Air spikes
  • Lack of unique moves
  • Lack of killing moves (Forward Tilt/Air, Down Tilt/Air
  • Worst recovery of the roster


  • Huge knockback options
  • Has a projectile
  • Has a fail-safe to recover or escape a combo or continue her own
  • High knockback aerials (note: Neutral Air can KO at 0% if at the edge)
  • Damaging Down Tilt -> Up Tilt -> Up/Forward Air
  • Good edgeguarding jab
  • Spiking Forward Air can drag down opponents and KO them very early
  • Most tilts and dash attack combo into her killing aerials
  • Neutral Special true combos into Dash attack, setting up powerful combos that can KO at even 0%
  • Recovery has low vertical gain, requires setup of Neutral Special to recover well vertically
  • Very low damage
  • Few killing moves (Neutral Air, Forward Air)


  • Great combo potential
  • High knockback move that will land if given enough time
  • Hard to counter recovery
  • High damage
  • Jab covers ledge very well
  • Has a neutral air that reverses combos
  • Dash Attack-> Dash Attack -> Up Air/Forward Air kills insanely early
  • Kamikaze offstage option in Down Special
  • Area controlling Down/Up Tilt
  • Dash Attack lasts very long and can be used in reverse very quickly
  • Dash Attack -> Forward Air KOs at any percent from near the middle of the stage
  • Slow movement speed

I think VGSage still needs a nerf to his Dash Attack speed - it gives him way too much momentum if he jumps at the start of it, leading to KOs off the side incredibly early, and Sinbad needs a nerf to his Aerial Neutral Special (smaller hitbox, less damage) and Dash Attack (lower knockback).

Kiki may need buffs to her specials a small amount, making her Neutral Special last long enough to be more than just "Make them land early so I can hit them with an Up Tilt".

Pepper is in a pretty good place at the moment, can still hold her own against the other characters due to her high knockback options and mixups. 

This is my updated analysis of the characters and what they would need to become more balanced. Also, meet the big hitter Igbik!

(Yes, I know he's small)

I will have a few more of his alternate colors later, tap the image for the link

Let me know if you want me to make more sprites

*Me, acting like I know what's best for the game*

(1 edit)

Haha, that's cool. Sorry for the late reply. I love your analyse of characters, exactly the kind of feedback I lack the most. Thank you!

About lgbik, I won't pick it in the official build because I am really touchy with which character should make it to the main roster. But, I admit he is promising and would fill a hole in the current cast. Did you know the game can be modded, we even have a character editor: for now it is quite technical to build the game after creating a character in the editor, but I could personally help with that when you are happy with the character in the editor ;)

Cool! I'll be sure to check it out!


Project Igbik is underway!

how do i play this game on computer?

Dowload the Linux, Windows or MacOS version depending on your system and launch it.

Alternatively, you can download the client that should diwnload the appropriate version when you click "install" on Super Tilt Bro.

Thanks,but i cant find the application or even a way to launch it

Click that "Download Now" button on the game's page


this is so cool!

Thank you ♥️


really good! I love the speed at which this game moves, I like the 4th character

Thanks 😊

realizes that windbox accelerates other movement...

I was running at my friend from behind and they used punch wrong way, but i jumped over them and windbox sent me flying into blast zone.

VGsage punch is crazy


Very fun game , it has lot's of potential but I wish more people knew about it. One suggestion would be to add a harder cpu level


A new CPU level would be cool, I am sure I have that somewhere on the TODO-list. Sadly it means rewriting chunks of the AI's logic, so I have to focus on more impacting changes first. Notably, next release the Arcade mode should be way more enjoyable than now 😉


I am now a Vgsage main

whats the next character???

Not yet decided ;)

Do you have any suggestion?

I think a character that has slow mobility and lacking combo potential but massive damage would fill in an empty slot relatively well. We have: 

Kiki - Ranged controller

Pepper - Weak setup character with complex combos and dragging moves

Sinbad - Combo speedster

VGSage - Good damage with powerful combos

I think something similar to a shadow warrior would fit the role pretty well. Here's an image for my concept - his name is Igbik. He uses his Jade Sword to deal massive damage and start strong combos relying on momentum. It's hard to find an opening with how slow he is, but if he can find one, you're in for a tough time. (I'll make more sprites if you like the concept)

how to make private room

When going to "private", the game asks you a password.

Put whatever you want in it, and tell you friend to put the same password. You will be matched together.


ohh i see got it

hello love the game but i cant join the discord

Weird, the link seems to still be valid. What is the error message?

when i press the link it says invite invalid so i dont know 

it say I got good connection with no red popup no matter how long I wait nobody matches up with me i play on brower by the way

This is because there are not a lot of players.  Your chances to be on a server at the same time as another user are very thin. The game is quite unknown :)

You can still play online with your friends, or come on Discord to ask if someone wants to play in our matchmaking channel ;)

ok thanks

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