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Super Tilt Bro is in development, do not hesitate to leave a comment, any feedback is welcome. You can follow the development on my Twitter @RogerBidon, on Smashboards or directly fork it on github.


Super Tilt Bro is a demake of the Super Smash Bros. series compatible with the good old Nintendo Entertainment System from the 1980s.

You and a friend take control of a clone of Sinbad, the badass mascot of Ogre3D. Two fellows, one platform: you will have to fight to throw the other out.


Move left   |      Unused   Unused
     |   +--+         |        |
|    |   |            |        |                        |
|    | +-|-+          |        |                        |
|    | | o |          |        |                        |
|  +-|-+   +---+      |        |                        |
|  | o       o |      o        o        ---     ---     |
|  +---+   +-|-+   (select) (start)    ( B )   ( A )    |
|      | o | |                          -o-     -o-     |
|      +-|-+ |                           |       |      |
         |   +---+                       |       +---+
       Shield    |                 Special moves     |
                 |                                   |
            Move right                            Attacks

You can use different moves by holding a direction when pressing the attack or special move button.

Beta 3 released!


  • New artificial intelligence
    • You can now select a difficulty level when playing against the CPU
  • Improved navigation between menus
  • Fixed the name of the "Unholy scimitar"

Previous release:

Beta 2:

  • New visual effects
    • Stronger screen shaking
    • Characters on hitstun are now blinking
    • Added directional indication when a character is thrown
    • Added a KO animation (with explosions!)
    • After the last KO, the game continues on slow-motion for a couple of seconds
  • Added a character selection screen
    • Choose from 49 playable characters, thanks to recolors
  • Added an icon and title for each menu
  • Changed the cartridge format from NROM-128 to NROM-256
    • Making the ROM file growing from 24 Kbytes to 40 Kbytes, giving us lots of free space

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Published 313 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsLinux, HTML5
Tags2D, 8-bit, demake, Fighting, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, NES, PvP, Retro, sourcecode
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2
LinksTwitter, Source code


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Super_Tilt_Bro_(E).nes 40 kB
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tip: the standard keyboard-layout for player 1 isn't suited for two-player, it's better if you 'split the keyboard in two'. that way the players won't get in each other's way.

Hey, thank you!

I fixed the default keyboard layout. Now both controllers have their keys bound by default, which is handy in this two-player game :)

You may have to click "Reset to Defaults" if you already played the game and let the default suboptimal binding.