Super Tilt Bro is a demake of the Super Smash Bros. series compatible with the good old Nintendo Entertainment System from the 1980s.

You and a friend take control of a clone of Sinbad, the badass mascot of Ogre3D. Two fellows, one platform: you will have to fight to throw the other out.

You can follow the development on my Twitter @RogerBidon, on Smashboards or directly fork it on github.



Move left   |      Unused   Unused
     |   +--+         |        |
|    |   |            |        |                        |
|    | +-|-+          |        |                        |
|    | | o |          |        |                        |
|  +-|-+   +---+      |        |                        |
|  | o       o |      o        o        ---     ---     |
|  +---+   +-|-+   (select) (start)    ( B )   ( A )    |
|      | o | |                          -o-     -o-     |
|      +-|-+ |                           |       |      |
         |   +---+                       |       +---+
       Shield    |                 Special moves     |
                 |                                   |
            Move right                            Attacks

You can use different moves by holding a direction when pressing the attack or special move button.

Version 1.1 released!


  • Minor release before producing cartridges
    • Menus now fit in NTSC screens
    • There is no more visual glitch in transition between menus

Previous release:


  • Sinbad moves
    • Jab
      • New animation
      • More end-lag, but can be cut into a new jab
    • Side special
      • Improved animation for charging
    • Shield
      • Improved graphics
      • Shield lag now occurs when leaving the shield
    • Aerial down
      • Accelerated animation
      • Cancels fast-fall
  • Gameplay
    • Implemented air friction: while mid-air you slowly decelerate
    • Kill move are now stronger, compensating air friction
    • Tech is now easier to input
  • Bug fixes
    • It is no more possible to regenerate your shield by pressing select
    • No more artifacts between menus (only visible on some hardware)
    • No more visual glitch at the end of stage selection
  • Thanks
    • Bjorn Nah for dedicated play-testing
    • BacteriaMage for proofreading


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Super_Tilt_Bro_(E).nes 40 kB
super-tilt-bro-linux64.tar.gz 1 MB

Physical copies

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Contains a cartridge with the game and a manual, wrapped in a transparent dust-sleeve.

Minimal price includes production costs, shipping fees, a 10% donation to and around $10 for the developer.

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So... you made a floppy disk just for your game?

A NES cartridge yes. It is always nice to play NES games on the actual system :)


Awesome game but could you please add a few screenshots to the page?


Thanks. Just added some screenshots.

Interestingly itch io shows games screenshots for html5 games only on mobile. So, I integrated new screenshots in the game's description, hoping the page is improved.

Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!

Awesome game, I love the animations and the music. It really gave me a sense of improvement. Is there any game play difference between the different weapons and characters?

Thank you for the kind words! There is no game play difference, you can freely pick your favorite color and name


This is a really good game, can you give me some tips? i want to makes games, just like this one!


Do it for the fun of doing it.

Begin with the part that you enjoy the most, be it graphics, programming or music. Choose some tools you want to learn, it is more rewarding than using tools you already know. Work on your project bit by bit, your first iteration will be weird prototypes. After some time the prototype will become somewhat playable, then pretty decent to finally be a full featured game. Just never forget that the goal is not the finished game, it is to enjoy making it.

I wish you all the best in your gamedev journey

Your game don't work


Oh? What did you try? The ROM, the linux version or the web version?

On which browser if you tried the web version? It requires a pretty modern desktop web browser :s

tip: the standard keyboard-layout for player 1 isn't suited for two-player, it's better if you 'split the keyboard in two'. that way the players won't get in each other's way.

Hey, thank you!

I fixed the default keyboard layout. Now both controllers have their keys bound by default, which is handy in this two-player game :)

You may have to click "Reset to Defaults" if you already played the game and let the default suboptimal binding.