Super Tilt Bro is a demake of the Super Smash Bros. series compatible with the good old Nintendo Entertainment System from the 1980s. Featuring online play, thanks to a Wi-Fi chip in the cartridge!

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If you are searching for a cartridge, it is too early.
Game carts exist, but are prototypes.

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You can use different moves by holding a direction when pressing the attack or special move button.

Web version hotfix (06/04/2022)

Fixed web player not loading in Chromium and Chrome incognito mode.

Hotfix 2.alpha-12

Fixed Kiki crashing the game when played online.

Version 2.alpha-11 released!


Big changes on the menu

  • Cartridge prototype
    • New cartridge prototypes are very promising
  • New musics
    • Kiki theme, a funky theme by Tu茂, inspired by Kiki
    • Volcano theme, a dark theme by Kilirane, inspired by the stage "The Hunt"
  • Menus
    • Improved title screen animation
    • New credits screen
    • New matchmaking interface
    • Desktop versions remember your ranked-play's login/password
  • Gameplay
    • When both players select the same skin, player B is given a lighter variant
    • On final slowdown, the inputs are now as reactive as during normal gameplay
  • Kiki
    • Reworked skins colors
  • Sinbad
    • Reworked skins colors
  • Pepper
    • Added a second hitbox on Pepper's down-special
      • Hits behind pepper
      • Excellent combo starter
    • Side-special animation improved by Fei

Previous release:


Improved netcode, and new moves

  • Cartridge
    • We identified some flaws in current prototypes leading to game crash
      • Fixing it is non-trivial, but will also improve netcode by fastening UDP packet handling
    • Remember to wishlist the cartridge:
  • Netcode
    • Optimized the game to support more rollback frames
    • Fixed netcode bugs leading to characters teleporting
  • Online
    • The satellite now follows a prograde orbit
    • The server now accepts NTSC clients, without crossplay between PAL and NTSC
  • Gameplay
    • You can now tech with the jump button in addition to the shield button
    • Inputs during screen shake are no more ignored
  • Kiki
    • Kiki now can always draw a platform after respawn, before touching ground
  • Sinbad
    • Sinbad's jab is completely reworked
      • It is now a three hits combo
      • Getting all three hits inflicts good damage to the opponent
      • Spamming it leaves you vulnerable to punish
  • Pepper
    • Plan 7-B (placing Carrot, then teleporting on him), is now entirely mapped on spacial-neutral move
      • Press B one time it places Carrot, a second time Pepper teleports on him
    • Side-special is now a long-range projectile known as Dzzz


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When is the  release date for the new character ?

I am on the final stages of working on it.

The new character pushed the engine beyond its limits, I had to change quite a few things and now need to fix what broke as a result 馃

I can't give a date, but for sure the next update will be big 馃槈

I'm excited

Who is the new character?

I am working on the Sage from the VideoGameSage retrogaming forum.

I guess this is the best display I have of the in-development version:

The character will be heavier than others, with high ground mobility but poor aerial speed, multi-hit attacks, and a kind-of falcon punch with a big full-screen animation.

If you couldn't tell, I'm this games biggest fan B)


Also the Kiki on the fair difficulty only spams light attack and it gets extremly annoying

Easy and Fair AI are actually the same code than Hard AI with longer reaction time. I guess you run toward Kiki, so the time she take a decision, you are so close she can only jab.

Improving AI is on the plan. Notably for Kiki who may benefit a lot from using her specials more. It will come in quite some time though (I am currently working on a new character and an arcade mode.)

In the mean time you may try to jump more against her, forcing her to use aerials.


Love this game!!!


I'm really into this game. I main Pepper and if used right, her infinite combo can be a devastating combo. Her edge guard is also extremely good.


Good Idea


Smash Bros NES demake is not something I would expect anyone to ever make with really good tight controls 馃く

Deleted 3 days ago

On the web version: click the controller images at the bottom of the screen, or the cross icon at the top.

On the desktop version: go to "controller inputs" in the menus.

(4 edits) (+1)


  • Great stage control
  • Fast attacks
  • Good combos
  • High knockback
  • Good mobility/recovery
  • Amazing edgeguard
  • Kills incredibly early
  • Side special hits straight down-works as a spike or a combo move
  • Speedy aerials reverse combos
  • Easily punishable
  • Small range


  • Good stage control
  • Moderate recovery but hard to use and predictable
  • Spear-like range keeps opponents out
  • Good combos
  • Great jablock
  • Great for gimping recoveries offstage
  • High knockback/high startup move (down special)
  • Lack of unique specials
  • Lack of killing moves
  • Hard to use


  • Good multi-hit options
  • Has a chargeable projectile
  • Has a fail-safe to recover or escape a combo
  • Great aerials
  • Damaging up-down combo
  • Recovery has low vertical gain
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This is my analysis on the characters. It's probably a little bit off, but i just thought it would be neat.


Nice analysis!

It matches mine on most points. Except for Kiki's recovery which I think is the poorest of the game. You can recover high because "double jump -> spe up -> double jump" can gain a lot of height rapidly. But if you are forced to recover low, it is too predictable, you don't have any tool to hit a edgeguarder, and wall-jump does not allow a second up-spe.


Sinbad is lowkey cracked i think he needs a nerf

thats just me tho

I agree.

I will try my best to get him back to others level. I just fear to ruin what makes him so pleasing to play: very good frame data. This is a point where he is too good, but also what makes him so reactive controler in hand :/


perhaps lower knockback/damage on neutral special and higher knockback on down special

Is it possible to play without a controller? Its not loading for me.

You can play with the keyboard.

The game is not loading and shows only a grey screen? If you are playing in the browser I am interested in browser's error messages in the developper console. And which browser/operating system are you using?

Chrome, Incoginito, Windows 10

Fixed ;)


My friend is trying to take credit for your game and at school says he made it on his personal laptop, we are doing a competition to see who is better at coding and I do not want be beaten by a kid who steals other peoples work, especially since my crush knows about it.

Please reply and somehow prove that it is not him.


I am not him, I graduated a long time ago ;)

Thank you.


If I ever become a famous developer you are on my good list.


I haven't played this game in a while and I come back to new music and skins! That's cool. Also, I have a suggestion. What if you added an extra-hard diffuculty? Don't mean to brag (I'm definitely bragging) but hard mode is too easy for me. Anyway, I'm excited to see future updates, this game is really good. 5/5 stars


Thank you for the feedback!

An extra-hard mode would be cool indeed. It would require me to improve significantly the AI though, as hard mode is already unleashing all current logic can do. I definitely add it to my TODO-list, thanks for suggesting it.

An arcade mode is in the work, with a timer so you can improve your score each time, and possibly opponents with unfair advantages.

Oh, and did you try the Konami code on the title page?


I did not try the konami code, that's an interesting secret!

does it work with controllers I am trying to play it via game controller but it doesn't seems to work for me. 

P.S. my controller works perfectly fine on this


Every controller that works with gamepadtest should work. You may have to configure it though. Configuration can be opened by clicking the "cross" icon on top or the gamepad images at the bottom of the screen.


love the game. im exited to see future updates.


pepper combo:

down attack -> forward air -> down attack -> forward air

do this over and over again. It will carry them to the edge of the stage and end up spiking them.

Nice you found it, it was actually the first Pepper's combo voluntarily designed in her moveset.

It is really strong, but the careful opponent has a number of options: first if they bait your down attack they can punish it as it is quite slow. Second, if not perfectly executed, it is not true and the opponent can react before the forward-air (also you need a fastfall between forward-air and down-attack). Finally, the opponent can tech instead of crashing (pressing down+direction before hitting the ground), making it a tech-chase situation.

It is possible the AI implements none of those strategies, but if you play against an human it should not be gamebreakingly good, but still a powerful move to be feared ;)


Maybe you will find this interesting or it will give you some ideas: Awesome Slam Siblings - A Smash Bros tribute on the Commodore 64 

Keep up the good work!


Wow, that's a super impressive project! Congratz, I hope you will keep working on it ;)

Note about your take on AI, as people on the internet want to try a game before bringing it to parties, a very dumb AI is way better that no AI.

My first AI was as dumb as : always push the stick toward the opponent, and if close push the attack button. It really made it playable by curious people out there.

The current AI is a little bit more evolved, but nothing super smart, and some people have real fun against it. A bit long to explain here, you can find the github project and I guess you are familiare enough with 6502 asm to understand it 馃

Anyways, you have better things to do before. Just don't say "never" to AI, they are useful and a lot of fun to program ;)

Just to be clear, that project is not by me. I thought you might find it interesting... Some nice ideas about AI, BTW, maybe you should try to reach the dev on YouTube.

Haha, I assumed it was from you without verifying 馃槄

Thanks for bringing it up, it is indeed very intersting 馃憤

can you play with a controler in this game?

Yes, when not in fullscreen mode, click the controller images at the bottom or the cross icon at the top to open control configuration.

I recomend using the controller's cross instead of joystic, the game supports it better.

(1 edit) (+1)

sinband is the most fun charather ever this game is a blast

Thanks 馃グ

it's fun but can you add new characters.. i play this game a lot and would like that. (:

I am glad you have fun with the game 鈾ワ笍

More characters are definitely in the plans. That said, as the game is in alpha (there are still technicalities to iron out) and I am basicaly a solodev, it will take some time before the next character appears. Sorry for that, I really want to get the fundations right before cobstructing more content on it.

You should add more to it. Like a grab mechanic or something lol


Very good game, it's really fun to play.


Thank you <3


Kiki = best character. They have the funny forward aerial

love the game btw

nah pepper is the best because of her recovery

Does anyine know how to connect an nes controler to a laptop? becuse i have an nes  but its modern and modern = you cant put carts in

If you want to connect your NES Classic Mini's controller to your laptop, you are out of luck. The only adapter I heard of is not produced (you will have to order electronic parts and solder them yourself, without any warranty.)

The game, be it on desktop or on web version should however be able to work with any USB controller. You will want one with a good D-Pad cross for the best experience. Xbox One's controller works well, 8BitDo controllers are also really good.

Love the game but can you please add a 4 player mode if possibl

It is in the plans, but is a really big task. It will not come soon sadly :(

sometimes after you get up from being hit you cant shield is that intentional?

First time I hear of that 馃槵 If you can give more details it would be awesome:

How are you playing? Desktop emulator or web browser (chrome or firefox?) Which gamepad do you use (or are you on keyboard?) If you stop holding the "down" button and re-press it does it finally shield in these cases?


I use a Chromebook,  web browser (chrome) I use keyboard, it seems to be fixed now,  did you possibly update the  hard AI it plays less aggressive now  and lets you get a chance to shield when knocked down  so maybe it wasn't the control being flawed it was just the AI being super aggressive 馃槄

There was no update since your last comment. I am happy that it resolved by itself, hope it stay that way 馃

By the way other players use a chromebook without much issues, except a slightly unstable framerate. If it happens you may try not to play in fullscreen, it helps with framerate issues.


add more characters pls


It will come ;)


Very good game now after a few updates! Really love the game feel. I wish in 1v1 mode, the sprites were bigger, as it is impossible to tell what is happening a lot of the time. If this is too much work or doesn't work on NES hardware, try increasing hitbox sizes only. Other than that, this game is really solid!


Thanks, I will try to improve animations to help with attacks readability ;)


Thanks man! Your game is awesome and is improving fast! 

Never give up!


Very cool idea, but the controll's on a keyboard are absolutely horrible! It would be very nice to change them or to let people customize the controls!

Thanks for your feedback!

Controls are actually customizable, by clicking the controller images at the bottom, or the cross icon at the top.

Current default control layout pre-date the online mode, so it is made to be the less terrible option for two players on one keyboard. I guess it should be changed now that online is an option, and it is common to have only one player per computer :) What would be your most intuitive default keyboard control?

It's really bad, not very intuitive


2/10 sucks at everythingoptimize for keyboard


Try adjusting the controls by hitting the controller icon. The game works well with keyboard, coming from a dude who has SEVERAL controls and prefers keyboards as long as they're bindable. You can also just get a controller as well.



Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Super Tilt Bro, which is a very primitive version of the game. I like this game and I hope it is developed and I think it will be a good game.

Great game! I really appreciate the effort you go to explaining the technical details of the optimisation and online play. It has been really interesting to learn all about it. Excited to continue to see this game evolve.


Thank you! It means a lot <3

I'll do my best to make a great game, and to continue to explain technicalities as they come :)


pls add more charachter plsss

That's the plan :)

I really love this game, but I would like if you changed the Sinbad neutral Special back to it's former version, but with some tweaks to how long you can hold it. With the older version, if you were running and reversed the direction you were going, you would keep your momentum and keep a giant moving hitbox. Same goes with KiKi's counter which keeps a lot of momentum. It's one bit of depth that I really like. 


Yeah, I kept momentum tricks in the game for a long time because I love how they reward players caring to details. The bad thing about it, is when a new player triggers momentum tricks by accident, it it very disturbing an unnatural.

I really think there is now enough tricks for high level play (short hop, tech, wall-jump, fast-fall) to not rely on things that can kill uneducated players.

In the case of neutral special, the hard nerf is on purpose. Online play was only a mater of pushing the opponent to the edge, and edge-guard with sliding neutral special. I would have loved to keep an effect with momentum, but as a strong kill-move, it has to be punishable easily. Having it fixed in time, and movement allow the opponent to react as soon as the charging animation starts. This is an early kill move, and requires an hard-read to be placed efficiently.

Above is my reasoning for the changes. I sincerely think they are good but certainly can be improved. I would be glad to discuss the movesets in details on the Discord if you are inclined to join.


I do appreciate the KiKi nerfs though


nice game ngl

(1 edit)

Hi what library did you use for controller support? Also how did you make it so customizable?

Thanks :)


Actually, the game is a ROM,inputs and their configuration are handled by the emulator.

If you talk about the Linux/Windows version, it is FCEUX and uses SDL_Input. The web version is em-fceux, and uses emscripten's gamepad API.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you sooo much! Love the game by the way!

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