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I really love this game, but I would like if you changed the Sinbad neutral Special back to it's former version, but with some tweaks to how long you can hold it. With the older version, if you were running and reversed the direction you were going, you would keep your momentum and keep a giant moving hitbox. Same goes with KiKi's counter which keeps a lot of momentum. It's one bit of depth that I really like. 


Yeah, I kept momentum tricks in the game for a long time because I love how they reward players caring to details. The bad thing about it, is when a new player triggers momentum tricks by accident, it it very disturbing an unnatural.

I really think there is now enough tricks for high level play (short hop, tech, wall-jump, fast-fall) to not rely on things that can kill uneducated players.

In the case of neutral special, the hard nerf is on purpose. Online play was only a mater of pushing the opponent to the edge, and edge-guard with sliding neutral special. I would have loved to keep an effect with momentum, but as a strong kill-move, it has to be punishable easily. Having it fixed in time, and movement allow the opponent to react as soon as the charging animation starts. This is an early kill move, and requires an hard-read to be placed efficiently.

Above is my reasoning for the changes. I sincerely think they are good but certainly can be improved. I would be glad to discuss the movesets in details on the Discord if you are inclined to join.


I do appreciate the KiKi nerfs though


nice game ngl

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Hi what library did you use for controller support? Also how did you make it so customizable?

Thanks :)


Actually, the game is a ROM,inputs and their configuration are handled by the emulator.

If you talk about the Linux/Windows version, it is FCEUX and uses SDL_Input. The web version is em-fceux, and uses emscripten's gamepad API.

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Thank you sooo much! Love the game by the way!


Bought the rom and wonder if there is a label i can get hold of?

Cheers :)

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Thanks for your generous purchase!

Here is the label in printable format:

If you are making your own cartridge, you may also want the manual, it is a square format and available here:

(Note that both are from the version 1.0, sadly it makes the manual quite dated.)

sweet thanks.

Yeah i saw something about updates on the game. 😊 but the updated version of the rom is still like the cart you sold, i mean a fully working game? 😊 updates were just for netplay?

and it was a mapper30 game, right? 😊 nesmaker? Or coded from scratch?


A lot happened since the cart release. The cart was released two years ago with version 1.0 which was an NROM game, had only one character, only one background tileset and no netplay. So the version on this page is a fully working game, far more complete than the cart version. It will continue to receive updates as I improve things and add contents.

Actually the main mapper for version 2 will be the RAINBOW mapper, which is not yet available but will have an integrated WI-FI chip, allowing the netplay from real hardware. I also build compatibility ROMs for common mappers, so it works on emulators without RAINBOW support, the mapper 30 version is just that.

Finally, yes it is coded from scratch. I also implemented RAINBOW support in a fork of FCEUX for that. You can find the source code on github if curious ;) If you prefere a more high level take on interesting technical topics, the devlog of the game (here on contains a lot of technical highlights.

I hope to have answered all your questions. Do not hesitate if there is still anything you want to know (I'll be more than happy to brag on any topic xD)


Cool man. Wifi netplay :O 

thats awesome

To quote a wise punchy boy, YES YES YES!

Also, I can juggle the enemy as kiki. Perfection.

I am glad that you like the game! Thank you for your feedback, and be sure that updates are comming ;)

(It is slow while in alpha, and will progressively be more often as the release approaches.)

Thank you for telling me! I'll periodically check back on this. Still find juggling funny though. Heheh


i loved it! you got so many moves out of two buttons, there's so much to learn!


The Super Smash we needed

(with kiki you can just spam down special, and it's like top recovery) good game very great game I'd recommend it to all my friends. however there is this weird thing that happens, when all my controls stop, and my player just stops working,fo you know why this happens?other than that,this is a great game.

Thanks! I am glad that you enjoy my little game!

Thanks for your feedback on Kiki. Actually, Kiki is being developed and her specials will be nerfed with future updates :)

That's the first time I hear about your bug. Can you tell me more ? Are you playing the game on this page or have you downloaded the executable? The game freeze completely or just your player stops moving, while music and CPU player still continue (like if you just unplugged the controller)? If you play in your browser, next time it happens, could you press Ctrl+Shift+I (a weird window will appear), and take a screenshot of the "console" tab? That would be really helpful to me.

Yeah, uh. I played the game in browser, and the npc can move (never played with another player) but i can't the music does continue as well. it's like my inputs just stop working, i tried to figure out when it happens but it really just happens at random. 

I also couldn't get the Window to appear.

Are you playing with a gamepad or your keyboard? If it is with a gamepad, can you go to press some buttons (it should react by showing numbers), and see if it is stable with this site. If it is unstable you may have a problem with your gamepad. Also, when it happens, can you move with the keyboard (still assuming you are using a gamepad)

For the window to appear, you may have to click the address bar of your browser to avoid the game capturing your keyboard input.

Also which browser are you using? Like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, something else?

Finally, you may have less problems by downloading the version for your computer.

Thanks for taking time to help me investigate. Hope we'll find a solution.

i feel like you made kiki too opto fix it, you could limit the number of platforms you can place in the air

Thank you for your feedback!

Kiki is definitely too strong. Actually, the character is not completely finished, she has a lot of placeholder animations and needs to be tweaked. Your feedback comes at the good time =)

For now nerf ideas were to add a big end lag to most of her attacks and to have platforms disappear after a short time. Forcing her to touch the ground before drawing a new platform is an excellent idea!

Deleted post

Sorry, I do not plan to add a four players mode. One big reason is that it would limit the possibilities for characters graphics: currently each character can take up to almost half of the video memory which is useful as they have more than 20 animations each.

So until I find a clever way to avoid sacrificing too much of the animations, it is advised to run a tournament when playing with more than two players. There even is printable themed brackets here:

Wow, this new update looks amazing! I love the new character as well, great job! can't wait for future updates, keep up the great work!

Thank you <3

It didn't work on any of my devices, like my 3ds and my phone

Oh sorry for that. The freshly released version use a recent kind of cartridge which is not supported by all emulators. Its name is UNROM-512 or "mapper 30" if you want to check for support in a particular emulator.

I may choose to use another cartridge (to get better emulator support) in a futur update. Do you want that I let you know when it is the case?

and also will there be more physical cartridges released?

I plan to release new cartridges when the version 2 is ready. I hope that it will be in 2021, but can't promise anything. We are still in very early stages of this version.

I do not plan to produce more cartridges of the version 1.

In the meantime you are free to download the game and put it in an everdrive, or even produce your own cartridge. I know that it is not the same thing as an "official" cartridge, I am sorry for not being able to bring better news.


I really like the game style, i play this on my SNES game console often. What I wish there was though if there was more than one type of weapon (e.g. spear, bow, staff, gun, etc.) but other than that, I do like the style for it all, it does have that right style for classics on the nintendo. I also like the sprites, and maps for the game. I wish to hope soon there will be a SNES tilt bros game!

Thanks for the kind words! Thats super nice to know that you love my little game.

I am currently working on the version 2, which will feature more playable characters. Only one more at first, with plans to add new ones from time to time. Hoping it fills your wish to have more weapons.

Playing on a SNES is pretty awesome o_O I didn't even know it was possible. What do you use? Some NES emulator on a linker?

Note: I cannot promise that the v2 will work on your SNES. It is based on bigger NES cartridges that are often not supported by emulators :s

Where is the windows version

I did not make anything specifically for Windows. You can still download the NES ROM from this page and run it in MESEN or FCEUX emulators. Alternatively you can play the HTML5 version at the top of this page.

How did you make a NES cartridge?


I got some premade PCBs on which I soldered ROM chips containing my game. Wrapped this in a NES cartridge shell. Finally, I printed stickers and a manual.

The exact process is pretty long to explain. While fascinating to do, it will not fit in a comment. You can find more by searching for “NES repro tutorial” on the internet. A “repro” the re-creation of an old game, but it is exactly the same process for your own new game (and a lot more legal.)

So... you made a floppy disk just for your game?


A NES cartridge yes. It is always nice to play NES games on the actual system :)


Awesome game but could you please add a few screenshots to the page?


Thanks. Just added some screenshots.

Interestingly itch io shows games screenshots for html5 games only on mobile. So, I integrated new screenshots in the game's description, hoping the page is improved.

Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!

Awesome game, I love the animations and the music. It really gave me a sense of improvement. Is there any game play difference between the different weapons and characters?

Thank you for the kind words! There is no game play difference, you can freely pick your favorite color and name


This is a really good game, can you give me some tips? i want to makes games, just like this one!


Do it for the fun of doing it.

Begin with the part that you enjoy the most, be it graphics, programming or music. Choose some tools you want to learn, it is more rewarding than using tools you already know. Work on your project bit by bit, your first iteration will be weird prototypes. After some time the prototype will become somewhat playable, then pretty decent to finally be a full featured game. Just never forget that the goal is not the finished game, it is to enjoy making it.

I wish you all the best in your gamedev journey

Your game don't work


Oh? What did you try? The ROM, the linux version or the web version?

On which browser if you tried the web version? It requires a pretty modern desktop web browser :s

tip: the standard keyboard-layout for player 1 isn't suited for two-player, it's better if you 'split the keyboard in two'. that way the players won't get in each other's way.

Hey, thank you!

I fixed the default keyboard layout. Now both controllers have their keys bound by default, which is handy in this two-player game :)

You may have to click "Reset to Defaults" if you already played the game and let the default suboptimal binding.

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