Super Tilt Bro. 2.0-alpha8: New musics, and fixes

What's new in the game?

New musics

Two new musics, by Kilirane, can be heard in game.

The first is inspired by Sinbad, while the second depicts Pepper's personality.

You will also notice that the main theme is now played at correct pace in the menus. The audio engine has actually received some long-deserved love in this patch, including the feature of playing NTSC musics correctly on PAL system, and inversely.


Kiki can now walljump

While Kiki does not really need a walljump, it makes it available to all characters. Kiki was the only one unable to do it, disturbing after playing other characters. So walljump is now a standard move, like the double-jump, all future characters are expected to have it.


Kiki can no more have a free jump by buffering the jump action during an aerial. Long-time bug, it was originally on all her moves, then reduced patch by patch. All should be squashed now.

Kiki no more ignores gravity when spamming side-special.

Kiki's AI no more KO itself when thrown out of screen. Before this fix, you could often have Kiki AI draw a platform out of screen, then run straight to the blast-line.

Sinbad cannot bufferize grounded moves when his side-tilt lands aside from the platform.

Pepper's teleport no more kill her randomly.

Pepper's teleport on-spot hitbox is now correctly placed at her starting position.

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