Super Tilt Bro. 2.0-alpha10: Improved netcode, and movesets

What's new around the game?

Community is growing

The Super Tilt Bro.'s Discord server sees more and more active users. To the point it finally fills its initial purpose: to help find an online match. More than that, the community is striving. We debate the best characters, strategies, and tournament dates.

Thank you everybody in the community, seeing such enthusiasm is the best reward I could ever receive as a developer!

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Cartridge wishlist

If you want to see online NES gaming on real hardware: progress on this side is steady. Not yet ready, but once prototypes are stable we will start pre-orders.

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What's new in the game?

Improved Netcode

The game received a big optimization pass. While not touching netcode directly it impacts game's capability to rollback efficiently. There also are bug fixes in the netcode itself, those bugs occasionally caused you to see characters teleporting around the screen.

Lost with this "rollback" thing?

In a nutshell, the game predicts your opponent's inputs to stay smooth when it takes time to transit by the network. Sometimes, the game misspredicts, it then has to fix what is drawn on screen. This is done by internally re-playing all frames since the missprediction, and is called rollback.

You can read more about rollback here:

What to expect from it? Playing Pepper vs Pepper on "The Hunt" suffered many slowdowns. It should now be playable perfectly with good connections. Playing on Flatland and Skyride with poor connections should be greatly improved.

We'll see how it behaves on real conditions, and may do another pass of optimization if necessary.

General gameplay changes

There are two comfort changes in inputs.

First, you can now tech with the jump button in addition to the shield button. For reference "teching" is when you press one of those button just before crashing on ground, your character softens the crash to fasten their recovery.

Top: crash // Bottom: tech


Pepper's signature move (Plan 7-B) has been reworked.

Before this patch you would place Carrot on the stage with side-special, and teleport on him with neutral-special. Now, it is all on neutral-special, placing Carrot the first time, teleporting the second time. This makes sens since it is actually the same move, and both parts are useless and broken without the other.

It also frees the side-special which is now a long range attack. Ideal to follow-up on combos when your opponent has been sent too far away.

Spamming neutral-special, then playing around with side-special


Sinbad's jab has been completely changed. It was an infinitely spammable light attack, it is now a three hits combo which deals good damage.

A short video is worth a thousand words


Fixed Kiki being unable to draw platforms after respawn.

NTSC online

The server now accepts NTSC clients.

This is done in anticipation for the physical release, when players cannot freely choose their system's region. For now the emulator is still configured in PAL by default, and changing it is not recomended. There notably is no crossplay between PAL and NTSC. If you want to experiment you a free to proceed, beware that the other player must also configure their emulator in NTSC mode.

More efficient satellite launch

In the online menu, the satellite now observe a prograde rotation. This requires less fuel to launch it from the surface, and feels more natural to space enthusiasts.

This satellite now orbits the "good" way!

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discord link doesnt work :(

Thanks for reporting. It is fixed now ;)