One year of development and a great Beta-2

What's new is Super Tilt Bro Beta2?

Tons of visual effects

The goal of this release was to improve the in-game feeling, the game is now more vibrant and furious. It was super fun to implement, the game now even features a particle engine (ON THE NES!) Even if it took a little longer than expected, the result is here.

If you want a complete list of the new visual effects:
 * The screen-shaking is stronger and in the knockback direction
 * Character on hitstun are now blinking
 * On hit, a directional indicator is shown (particles, hooray!)
 * A KO character now explode (also particles)
 * Matches end in slow-motion

Character selection

While keeping one playable character, tweaking colors is still nice. We can now choose the character and its weapon, leading to 49 useless combinations :D

Actually not so useless, color-blind people will no more use it has an excuse to lose. The original green versus red was not to their taste.


Formerly, the NES cartridge of Super Tilt Bro was an NROM-128. This is the barbarian name of the hardware, it means that this is the smallest existing NES cartridge.

With this version, the game needs an NROM-256 that is a slightly larger cartridge. It is still a dumb and simple hardware, but at least it does not trick the NES to be smaller than what expected.

For the development, it means we now have a great deal of free space and the game can continue to grow. For the player it is simply that the ROM file is now 40 Kbytes instead of the initial 24 Kbytes. We are still far from Skyrim :D

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Jun 20, 2017
Super_Tilt_Bro_(E).nes 40 kB
Jun 20, 2017

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