Super Tilt Bro. 2.0-beta4: New musics, refined mechanics, and a terrible secret!

What's new in the game?

New musics

Two new musics by Tuï can be heard in the game.

We also hear that a half-baked jukebox is hidden somewhere. Useful to listen the soundtrack, if you can find it ;)

New Stage

Name: The Plank

Environment: Jungle

Hazards: No

Feature: A big platform!

The platform can be reached with a single jump, which allow to rapidly switch between it and the main stage. Be it to retreat or to extend a combo.

Changes to the stages

Moving platforms in The Pit now stay lower, making them more reliable when trying to avoid falling in the terrible pit. Also, being on a moving platform is no more a voucher to pass through Kiki's platforms.

On The Hunt, characters now get a lighter version of their colors for a better contrast with the dark background.

Gameplay adjustments

There are some adjustments to gameplay. Nothing big by itself, but overall the game feels better. Here's the list.

The game can now be paused, by pressing START. When both characters are at the same place, they are slightly pushed apart. The screen shake has been improved. The ground friction physics has been refined, allowing more flexibility when designing characters. The most notable impact is on Sinbad who is now a bit more slippy.


The Sage now has a hitbox on his side-special. This move is meant as a secondary recovery move, so having no hitbox seemed fine. It appears that it is troubling, so now there is a weak upward hitbox trailing behind The Sage.

The Sage can now slightly change his course when charging the punch midair. Having a very low air speed, it allows for subtle placement without being a big buff of the punch. Remember, The Sage shines on the ground, not in the air.


NTSC vs PAL crossplay is now working.

It was a special beast because a PAL NES runs the game at 50 frames per second, while an NTSC one runs at 60 frames per second. All values about durations, and velocities are different in both systems to compensate. This is nice, it allows NTSC system to exploit the extra frames to feature smoother movements. It also means that these are two (very slightly) different games, sadly with netcodes every tinny difference is a big problem.

The solution is to detect crossplay situation. In this case, the NTSC system will skip one frame out of 6 (effectively running at 50 FPS), and use values of the PAL version. That's right, if needed, the game emulates PAL on NTSC systems for the sake of compatibility.

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