Super Tilt Bro. 2.0-beta6: Gameplay adjustments

What's new in the game?

Kickstarter is over

My first time on this side of the Kickstarter, and a huge success! Thank you!

Gameplay adjustments

This update focus on refining the base mechanics of the game. It is a lot of very small things that, put together, should noticeably improve the feeling of the game controller in hand. Because there are few things more annoying than a character not doing exactly what you want.

Of course, doing it right is especially hard when we developed the game for a long time and are accustomed to the current controls. So if you have feedback on what still feels weird controlling your character, I'll gladly take it :)

Now the list of these little things:

  • It is now easier to input short-hop into aerial
  • It is now possible to maneuvering left/right during most aerial attacks
  • Hitting opponent's shield triggers a small hitpause
  • Hitting opponent's shield pushes them slightly
  • Out of shield animation can be cancelled by a jump
  • Being hit reloads the wall jump
  • Keeping down pressed after a tech buffers a shied
  • Buffering the same move you are performing works more consistently
  • It is now possible, and easy, to reverse up and down variants of tilts, specials and aerials


Sinbad received a big graphical update. Lots of details in this tiny sprite!

Did you see? The statues have been updated too!


Pepper can now change direction while flying on her broom. Sound's like a big change, it's actually a way to ease the input to fly in a specific direction. If you input the direction a bit too late, it will turn to move like you expected. Could have been in the "Gameplay adjustments" section, but it is specific to Pepper, and who knows, maybe you'll find other uses for this new ability.

Pepper also has new victory and defeat animations. I was about to put a GIF of that but, hey, guess you'll have to win and lose a game playing Pepper to see it!


Laggy players can no more play from the past.

Due to internet latency, and the nature of rollback netcode, getting your opponent's input from the past is expected. But there is a limit, when a laggy player hits you several seconds in the past, it becomes unfair on top of being weird. Now the server checks for inputs too far in the past and move them to a more reasonable time.

Of course this is experimental, if you know one of those players who lags a lot while having a correct ping, please send feedback on how the patch impacts your experience.

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This is great! 8 bit! I like alot 8 bit games. And playe them even today. And i  am happy all the time, to see new games with gfx like 8 bit