Super Tilt Bro. 2.0-beta7: Revenge of the Sage

What's new in the game?


Jump, aerial jump, wall jump, special jump, ... Definitely not enough.

Let me introduce the brand-new footstool jump!

Yes you can use your opponent as a footstool to jump higher. It interrupts their attack, makes them fall, and don't consume your aerial jump. Definitely a powerful move but beware, it is pretty hard to land and exposes you if failed.


Last update introduced the short-hop aerial mechanic. Easing the input of an aerial attack near the ground. It was devastating for the VGSage who rarely wants to short-hop but have a lot of combos with its full jump aerials. Now the Sage has easier time full jumping than short hoping, fixing the issue.

Another problem with last patch: air friction is now applied during aerial moves. It is almost imperceptible for others. The Sage however is terribly not aerodynamic, this change nerfed his combo game even further. To fix it, air friction of the Sage has been greatly reduced, but it makes him more vulnerable to ring outs, so an extra resistance to knockback has been implemented for him.

Resistance to knockback is like the weight in the Smash Bros series. So the Sage is officially the first heavyweight character of Super Tilt Bro.!

Last change to the Sage this patch is that his roll move is now impacted by the gravity. It was weird to ignore that law of physics.


Kiki can now paint  platform as soon as returning from a ring out. Formerly she had to land on the ground before.


Pepper's AI is now better at recovering. She often trapped herself above the edge by changing direction rapidly on her broomstick.

What's new under the hood?

New cart, new emulator

Hardware development is on fire, we think we have the final version of the cart.

Porting the game to it progressed enough that we can update the emulator. 2.0-beta7 is the first version that runs on an emulator compatible with the game as it will be released.

It may be obscure but is a huge milestone, resulting from great progresses on both hardware and software fronts.

Rescue mode

With the hardware nearing completion, our first priority is safety. Upgrading software on the NES is a world first, we want to be sure not to brick your cartridges.

When things go wrong with your phone, the last resort is to reset it to factory. The Super Tilt Bro. cart is no different. No matter how safe we make the upgrade, you may need at some point to reset it to a state known to work. This is why we implemented the rescue mode.

By pressing Start+B at boot, you will enter this rescue mode. This is a special section of the ROM that is never updated and can rewrite the game from a compressed backup. Everything is in the cartridge you have nothing more to do than start the rescue, and watch it rewriting your game.

Older Windows are welcome

By popular demand, Windows 32 bits is now supported. The Windows version of the game contains both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions, so the vast majority of users still use the full potential of their 64 bits CPU.

Note that with changes in the emulator, this dual version is still lighter than the former "64 bits only" version.

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